Blog: A Change of Direction

Arriving home to Ireland with a World Championship Medal around my neck was a really exciting and memorable time and one I won’t forget. I was blown away by all the well wishes and support from everyone in the lead-in to racing and again after we won the Medal. I received some beautiful ‘Well Done’ cards and messages and this was a really special card that Mam and Dad got from family.

There was still a lot of Media interest around the Medal so I did some interviews and photo-shoots during the first week back, which was all good fun. I did a radio interview on Today FM’s ‘The Last Word’. My Dad kept the flag flying too did a really good interview with Clem Ryan on KFM.  I’ll attach the links below so you can have a listen to us.

I’d had a full rest day when I got home (yes I know amazing!) then a few days of light-ish work on the bike building back into it. So, the following week it was back to the grindstone! Mentally, I put the Medal in my back pocket and got on with the job of whipping my legs back into shape. Switching over from Track to Road takes a little bit of time and I can honestly say that those first two weeks back were probably the hardest I’ve done. Every day I was heading out and feeling really bad on the bike but knowing that all I was feeling was jet-lag with the added challenge of ‘the switch’. I knew that all I had to do was push through it and the legs would come right in their own time.  Then with some solid work under my belt I started to come around and it was like someone flicked a switch. I was heading out training, enjoying my sessions and wanting to push on more and started to bounce back. Shortly afterwards I got sick!! (My worst nightmare at this point in time) and for the next couple of weeks I was on and off the bike not getting any actual ‘training’ done. It was totally frustrating but aiming not to stress out about it I took the time off the bike and tried to shift it. Bad timing but that’s just the way it goes. When you’re training hard and pushing the limits the body just sometimes says ‘enough already‘. My first race back was to be the Celtic Chrono UCI 1.2 Time Trial in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There was no way I was not going to race it, there was still a chance that I might come back around on time for the event so I traveled up to Belfast and got ready to give it socks.

Today FM Interview:

KFM Interview (Listen @ 49:03):