Blog: Final Prep in Melbourne

Our Journey to Australia was pretty smooth the whole way out helped by the fact that we had extra legroom on both flights. We arrived into Melbourne on Tuesday night and our last hurdle was Customs. We got drilled about our Bikes and Luggage like we knew we would. We were through most of the questions and about to head on our way when the Customs Officer jokingly asked if I by any chance had a Irish Lucky Clover with me……which I had! And being the honest soul that I am was straight up ‘Eh, Yes I do actually!’ So, it was straight up to desk to get the ‘Lucky Clover’ examined! It was a dried clover in laminate paper that I use as a bookmark. Once ‘The Clover’ had cleared customs we were met outside arrivals by Dermot Healy the Irish Team Manager for Worlds and Shannon McCurley and her Dad who took us to our Hotel in the City Centre. First impressions of Melbourne were bright lights and lots of people out on the town….then we turned down our street which lead directly onto Chinatown..! We were starting to getting a bit worried then but we shouldn’t have as the rooms and hotel were perfect and had the added plus of free Wifi.

Already we have a favourite spot for dinner, a little Italian place called ‘Pellegrini’s’. They serve up the best Pasta. In the space of 5″ of you sitting down it’s plonked in front of you with a flourish and we hoover it down in record time. On day one here we trained at the DISC ‘Training’ Velodrome early the morning after we arrived and got to open up our legs and shake the flights out of them. They needed it big time as we all woke up a bit out of kilter. The following day the Hisense Velodrome opened up to Teams and we got to feel the boards – The Hisense is where we will be racing. It has been newly sanded so it’s nice and smooth and I liked it straight-off. Now, as we get closer to race-day the temptation is to think too much about racing instead of relaxing when we’re not training, so today I popped into a Bookshop on the corner and bought myself something to read and chill out with – ‘It’s All About the Bike’ by Robert Penn. I’ll let you know what I think of it but from the cover it looks like a good one. We just finished our last training session on the track today and the legs are feeling great! I’m feeling good and looking forward now to giving these girls a run for their money!

For information on next weeks racing the Official Website is:

Exact times won’t come out until closer to race day but I should be close enough to this:

Thursday 5th April –  Points Race – 2230 (1330 Irish-time)
Sunday 8th April – 3KM Individual Pursuit – 1500 (0600 Irish-time)