Blog: Protecting the Average…and working the Tan :)

As usual it is only now approaching the end of  Camp that I’ve sat down and put into words some of what I’ve been up to over the past month. After London World Cup I was home for about a week and then I headed to Mallorca for a Pre-Worlds Training Camp with Andy Sparks. I arrived into Palma late at night and got up the next morning to Mountains and Sunshine. It felt so good to be back out on the road with the sun on my back. Since then the weather has been pretty darn good the majority of the time. There was a bit of a hiccup last week when it rained and got a bit cooler for a few days (The inconvenience of it!) . Fortunately, it picked back up this week and we got to peel the layers off again  :)

For the first half of the Camp I was training alongside two members of the USA Track Team: Sarah Hammer (Current World Individual Pursuit Champion) and Jennie Reed (World Champion in the Keirin in 2008). We worked hard together on the Road and Gym and hit it harder again on the Track accompanied by Recep Ulanan from the Turkish National Team. We were joined later on in the Camp by my Team-mate Martyn Irvine and Mexican rider Sofia Arreola. We were looked after and coached by Andy Sparks, with Mutlu Ercevik (Recep’s Coach) and Brandon Madden (Jennie’s husband) spurring us on trackside.  Jennie’s Husband Brandon was a real addition to the group especially when we were under serious pressure! Every morning there has been Booty Camp to look forward to with Jennie who was also elected to give me some extra homework.  Jennie is deadly serious about her core work and doesn’t miss a trick!

I’ve picked up a few Americanisms from the girls:

Let’s Flip a Yeweee = Ok, we’ll turn around here.

These Puppies are Cooked! = My legs are Wrecked!

Awhhh MAaannN!! = I’m Wrecked!! (As the days went by, the number of times I found myself saying the last two increased)

The Camp Mission: Protect the Average Watts every day and keep putting the Money in the Bank for Worlds. On the Track we’ve had some really good Motor-paced sessions where Andy is on the front cranking up the speed and making us hurt. He seems to know just how much he can push it to put you under the most pressure you can handle, keeps you there for just the right amount of time (which always seems too long) and then he burns you off the back and leaves you reeling. When he says ‘Tomorrow’s gonna be a fun day” you know what’s in store….Pain. Because of this my Rest days are generally spent doing just that and keeping the legs up and getting ready for the next days onslaught.

My Coach Brian came out to the Camp half-way through to get everything ready and sorted out for Worlds…..but really he was just checking up on me! He even nailed himself on our Hill sessions just to see how well I was going…..he said he didn’t see much after 5″ on our wheels! Apart from training hard and resting up when we’re not on the bike Food is the other highlight of the day. I had my first taste of Taco’s when Brandon cooked up a storm for us and filled the table to the brim with bowls of goodies for the fillings….Mmmmm!   Myself and Sofia are sharing an Apartment and take turns or cook together most days. She has me addicted to Mexican Tortillas which she makes from scratch (Soooo tasty) and has introduced me to lots of other delicious Mexican and Mallorcan specialities. There’s a local Market in the Town Centre every Saturday where you get to stock up on Fruit & Veg and fresh salads and I enjoyed getting in on all the action. From some of the random things I have ended up buying by mistake I’m seriously going to have to get more intensive Spanish lessons with Sofia!